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Laura Wolf

Laura Wolf


Artist Information

Howard County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am an elementary art teacher and freelance artist. My students’ enthusiasm for the natural world has helped to revitalize my own. I often draw inspiration from photographs I’ve taken at various zoos, aquariums, and gardens. When I paint, I am striving to capture the unique personality of each object and creature; some are beautiful, some are strange, and some are beautifully strange. Many artists choose to anthropomorphize animals, but I most enjoy the peculiarities that make them so distinct from humans. I am also happy to do commissions of family pets! My favorite medium is acrylic, due to its intense color saturation, durability, and drying speed. Each subject dictates the size and configuration of the canvas. My aim is to be bold and gutsy as a painter- in brushwork, composition, and color. I am a very joyful person, so I hope to create joyful art.

Artist Bio

I've been creating art steadily all my life. At age six, I decided that I would be an art teacher. I attended Towson University, majoring in art education for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. This year marks my tenth year teaching elementary art in Howard County, and I also taught at Howard Community College's Kids on Campus summer program for nine years. I enjoy making lots of different kinds of things but acrylic painting is my favorite medium. You might see me selling my colorful paintings at art fairs in our area, and I'm also happy to do custom pet portraits.