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Laura Benson

Laura Benson


Artist Work

Blue Without You
32 x 22
I Choose You
22 x 30
Sands of Time
Happy Hour
Wrapped in Love

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My art is born from my heartfelt feelings, thoughts and emotions, and comes to life through my need to share the story of our community— its pride, its beauty, its trials, struggles and accomplishments. I am humbled by my role in witnessing and recording our world.

Artist Bio

Laura Benson is a Baltimore-area artist, a single mother who relocated to Maryland almost twenty years ago. She chose the name “Heart to Art” for her original art and imprints because they are born from her heartfelt feelings, thoughts and emotions, and come to life through her need to share the story of the community— its pride, its beauty, its trials, struggles and accomplishments. Laura works in several media: oils, acrylics, pastels, pencil, charcoal, pen-and-ink, and watercolor.
During the media blitz that exposed the release of contaminated steroids in 2012, Laura found herself among those affected. Soon news coverage had ceased, but Laura’s story continued, and was told beautifully by Ron Matz of WJZ-TV13— keeping the story alive not only for her, but also for others impacted by pain and disability. 
Exploring ways to create was always important to her, but maintaining family and home was her priority. For the past two years, however, she has been unemployed and dealing with excruciating pain. Whereas once art could only be a part-time avocation, it is now a means of supporting her family and fulfilling a dream. Her pace and output have been curtailed, but she continues to use her art as a means of finding hope and purpose, and to stay strong in mind and spirit.
Laura’s childhood dream was to one day make a difference and give back to others. Today she donates pieces to several charitable organizations in the metro area. She also speaks on the subject of stress and depression. Her art has appeared in galleries and cultural centers, both locally and as far away as Colorado. She has won several awards, and her portrait of Lady King Peggy hangs in the palace in Ghana. Laura has also established an extensive in-home gallery of hundreds of her works.
She continues to create original pieces as inspiration guides her, and she also accepts commissions, licenses her work, and creates portraits.