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Krystos Efantis

Krystos Efantis


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American Pride
Parts Galore
Mixed media

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Frederick County
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Media Arts, Other, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Love, Enjoy, motivation, an inspiration is My motive to life. If you love doing what you do then no matter what trys to block you in life from doing it, stick with your gut feeling an have the strength an confidence to always overcome those obstacles.

Artist Bio

My name is Krystos Demerits Efantis, I've always been very motivated bye the Art & design industry. In the last couple years I've had the oppurtunity to Showcase my artistic an creativity into building one of a kind Yamaha motorcycles with putting every lititle bit of detail an design into them but still making that a daily rider for myself. First Pro bike Build off I attended through the Yamaha motor corp. An thrre sponsors, I was greatful for the oppurtunity they gave mme with being able to showcase my work of art in the motorcycle industry all of the USA with three events @ the Moto gp races the Voting came down to People choice votes. Which at end of year all votes tallied up to announce the 2011 Pro bike builder of the year, with Championship show an crowning the new 2011 Pro bike builder @ the great Indianapolis motor speedway I was announced the winner an was mind blown bye the experience an oppurtunity they gave me an the best day of my life showing me the apprecation an accept tense of my Originality an Unique attention to detail that I put alot of long consecutive hours, days, an nights into building my showcase dream. Also, from winning championship, Yamaha gave me a brand new 2011 Yamaha R1 to build in 6 weeks for them to debut @ the International motorcycle show in NYC, then they traveled an displayed my bike at the rest of the IMS for the 2012 year .With that amazing an one in a life time oppurtunity they had chosen me for it truly gave me the self confidence, Motivation, an Inspiration to move forward with a goal that my whole life I wanted to accomplish an educate in Art, design, an Visusl arys industry. I have learned so much in the last couple years, an still everyday try to learn more an more. I truly love an appreciate all of our different Artist through out the world, With every artist having there own style, creativity, inspiration an passion for there pieces of art. I love Airbrushing anything , Pencil drawings an animation, Graffiti style painting, Pin-striping, 3D designing, an anything that I can showcase my inner artistic abilities an much more! Im really ttying to move forward with a goal ibe always had in life for Art an my inspiration to do so an one day to be able to give back to the children, families, returning service men an woman, an most important to me the Special olympics an all people in this world fighting for there life's due to Cancer an all other health related issues. I really appreciate any information, feedback, or help from anyone as the more in more people come together an inspire an educate the better our world will become.