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Kristina King

Kristina King


Artist Work

Untitled #77
artist-made handmade paper (cotton, abaca, pulp paint)
35 x 67 x 0 Inches
Untitled 99
artist-made handmade paper (cotton, abaca, hemp)
46 x 71 x 0 Inches
Night Sky
artist-made handmade paper (charcoal, cotton, abaca)
34.5 x 31 x 0 Inches
Untitled 10
artist-made handmade paper (abaca, hemp, pigmented cotton)
40 x 33 x 0 Inches
Untitled #102
artist-made handmade paper (pigmented cotton, abaca, hemp)
69 x 30 x 0 Inches
Untitled #136
graphite in artist-made handmade paper
31 x 34.5 x 0 Inches

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

My work explores the paradoxical nature of the strength and fragility of paper as a medium. I was drawn to papermaking as a way to combine my installation, sculpture, and drawing practices using one material. Hand papermaking is the process making sheets of paper by sifting beaten fibers (i.e. cotton, flax, abaca) suspended in water through a screen. Through the wet process, papermaking gives me the ability to manipulate the final form it takes as it dries. I'll harness the environments around me while I'm working outside such as letting the rain make impressions on the work as it dries, as seen in Untitled #77 (Media #1). I've recently delved into casting forms made of plexiglass scraps discarded during the art framing process.

Artist Bio

Kristina King (b. 1991) is a Washington, D.C.-based interdisciplinary artist working in
handmade paper and installation. Kristina received a BFA in 2014 from Denison University.
King’s work has been reviewed in BmoreArt and The Washington Post. King was honored with a
Studio Workshop Residency at Women’s Studio Workshop in 2019. King has exhibited at
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Allegany Arts Council, Willow Street Gallery, Via Umbria
Galleria, Takoma Park Community Center, among others. Her studio is located at DC Art
Studios in Washington, D.C., where she is also Secretary to the Board of Directors. Kristina is
currently the Gallery Director at Georgetown Frame Shoppe. Her new work utilizes handmade
paper as a means of exploring turbulence, fragility, and decay.