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Artist Work

Female Forms II
11"h x 5"w

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Any animal hair found in my work was “placed” there and brings special luck to the new owner.

Artist Bio

I spent two years after college in New York City’s fashion district working in retail presentation design in the SoHo area. This time as well as growing up in Europe exposed me to such creative and diverse designs, people and experiences which have had a strong influence in my career development. I learned the basics of ceramics in my late twenties from my mother and father, both professional potters. Later, I enhanced my techniques by studying at the Penland School of Crafts and Arrowmont School of the Arts and Crafts. I must also thank my mentor in jewelry design, Shaune Bazner of Mei Fa, for inspiring in me a love for stones. My techniques include hand building, sculpting, and pit firing using combinations of ceramics, semi-precious stones and various mixed media. I tend to be inspired and spontaneously guided to the finished piece by texture, form and elements found in nature. As a professional make up artist, my first love is figurative sculpture yet I have been experimenting more recently with abstract pieces that focus on emotional turmoil in the human condition. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland with a house full of muses: 2 dogs, a cat, and my very creative- sometimes competing but always accommodating husband. Any animal hair found in my work was “placed” there and brings special luck to the new owner!