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Kim Bradley

Kim Bradley


Artist Work

Butterfly Flowers
acrylic, dot mandela
the flower bed
digital artwork
acrylic and rhinestones
Girl in tree
acrylic, rhinestones

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My desire is to inspire others with art

Artist Bio

Artist Bio:                                                                                   

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Kim Bradley currently lives and work in Baltimore Maryland. As a child Kim had a love for making and drawing art. Anything created you can do with your hands was Kim’s favorite passtime. As a kid of four sibblings drawing, singing, music and sewing was her solitude amongst all the chaos in her life growing up.

Although, Kim had a natural talent for art and sewing she never took it serious as a career because she was often told by her teachers and family members there was on money in art. Kim decided to pursue a career in Civil Engineering Drafting to kill two birds with one stone, drawing and money, she thought she found the answer for her love of drawing and making money but to her surprise she grew to hate drafting because of the politics involved in getting promoted in government workplace. After 18 years of drafting, Kim decided to pursue a career in selling her art as a business. It was the best decision she made for herself in a long time.

In 2005, Change Creations was born, a greetings cards, and t-shirts business. Kim decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in business with a minor in art and it changed the direction of her life. She knew this is what she was meant to do own her own business. As an artist, her work has been showcased at Coppin State University art show, Reginald F, Lewis Museum, Baltimore City Community College Art Show, Brookshire Hotel Womens Art Exhibit, Hilton Hotel Family League Art Exhibit, Mount Vernon Marketplace Art Gallery and many festivals , BOPA Farmers Market, State Office Building farmers market, Upton Avenue Market and venues in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Kim Bradley, currently host Sip and Paint Parties for adults and Pizza Paint Parties for children, to introduce art to a community of people who say they cant draw or paint. To watch their faces in amazement, when they discover they have talent, with a little guidance and instruction they can paint a beautiful painting. Kim would like to teach art to underserved youth and adults and teach them the business of art. Kim’s business goal, is to one day open a business school for young artist to teach how to create unique art and sell them to earn a decent living, doing what they love.