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Keng Kola

Keng Kola


Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Literary Arts

Artist Statement

I was often wondering if I was too caught up in life's whirlwind to stop and notice the things around me. The collection 'Raw Milk' was written in an effort to regain my own senses in a multitude of ways, from actually seeing things to listening to my own intuition. It was written as a sensory love story, from a girl in a digital world.

Artist Bio

Keng is a Cameroonian-American author. She is a self-published author of poetry and fiction. When she isn't writing she is reading fiction, prose, or poetry of other authors from around the world and studying French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Korean, Mundum, and Baba and Alatening's dialects. Keng loves to travel and also study various other subjects on online course-study websites . She studied formally at Morgan State University, majoring in Finance. She believes one should never stop educating themselves or learning as much as they can about their interests.