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Ken Girardini

Ken Girardini


Artist Work

Moving Toward
Abstract image layering and acrylic with metal work.
Moving Near
Abstract image layering and acrylic with metal work.
Moving Within
Abstract image layering and acrylic with metal work.
Branching Path
Abstract image layering and acrylic with metal work.
Moving Beside- left
Abstract image layering and acrylic with metal work.
Moving Beside- right
Abstract image layering and acrylic with metal work.

Artist Information

Carroll County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

I accept commissions for any of my artwork. If you need a particular size or style to work in your space, I can do that. Abstract or portraiture? Digital or painting or mixed media? Please visit my website to view the entirety of my work. Thanks! I have been an artist for over 35 years working in a multidisciplinary approach in metal design and mixed media. My recent travels and studies have re-established my original disciplines, painting and photography, as the major components of my work. “I have been wanting to uniquely combine my painting with my photography for many years. Now, using digital techniques I have developed a process specific to this style.” Printing on transparent layers of acrylic medium, (like plastic wrap) I am able to transfer the images to the metal surface and alter them by painting both under and over them. I can add as many layers as needed and decide where to deepen the images or keep them transparent allowing the metal surface to reflect through. The best surprise is when a piece is finished and you see it in different room lights, coming from different angles. Some things just disappear while other parts of the piece that you didn’t even notice, jump out at you! My panels and sculptures are formed from aluminum or steel to create a 'metal canvas' to which I attach elements such as imagery, cut-out steel figures, painted, stenciled or silk screened images. Other materials may include any of the following; metal, wood, acrylic, pigments, or found objects. In my abstract form works I engage the viewer with intriguing imagery and the illusion and definition of space. Each piece suggests a personal story; transitions made, personally or professionally, or directions taken (or not taken) that lead down a path unexpected. Geometric forms reflect my interests in orbital mechanics and the precision of mathematical understanding. When I work with the figure, whether it’s a human or a human-doll, it inspires me by the impression of expression on the face. What does it seem to say? How does it affect us? What do we feel when we look into it’s eyes? By placing the figures among the parallel bands, I create a layered depth within the boundary of the piece. Generally I place them above a textured metal surface that’s simultaneously reflective and solid. I love metal and having worked with it for 20+ years as a furniture designer and sculptor. The Japanese dolls are a piece of emotional history for me. I spent time there, in Japan, as an exchange student. It was a pivotal moment in my personal history and has affected my artwork, my designs and many aspects of my life ever since. I also think that Geisha dolls show a cultural uniqueness that’s instantly recognizable. They have subtle non-verbal connections, tell a story and I believe add meaning to an otherwise abstract surface. Enjoy.

Artist Bio

Education and Occupations:

I have been an artist for more than 35 years.

1975 Exchange student to Sendai, Japan

1980 BA; Advertising; Pennsylvania State University

Additional Education:  1976 - 2016

                  Engineering, PAINTING AND PHOTOGRAPHY; Pennsylvania State University

                  Painting:  Moyer Studio; Al Wynn Studio; Colorado College; University of Maryland

                  Metal sculpture:  University of Maryland; Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Photography:  Anderson Ranch Arts Center; with Jill Enfield, Greg Gorman, R.Mac Holbert, Robert and Shana Parkharrison

                  Fused and Slumped Glass:  Bullseye Glass Studio and Gallery


1981- 1986:  US Air Force officer; NORAD Space Defense Analyst; Space Sciences Instructor.

1986-1993:  Computer Sciences Corp.: Data Analyst, Space Shuttle mission support team,

1989-Present:  Artist/Designer/owner: Girardini Fine Art and Design: Painting and mixed media, Digital photography and product marketing using Photoshop, Lightroom and Indesign. Functional steel furniture and accessory design, steel sculpture.



Shows:  1981 to present

                                    -Work created and produced with Julie Girardini 

                  American Craft Council shows since 1981

                  Crafts America: Washington Craft Show

                  American Craft Exposition Show: Evanston, IL 2004 – 2012

                  Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show 2013-2015

Galleries and Collections:  2001 - 2014       (Selected)

           Allegheny Arts Council Gallery:  2-person show:  2001

           Embassy of the United States, Ottawa Canada   Permanent Collection

           Zenith Gallery:  Exhibiting Artist 2004-2016

           Gallery 555dc:  two-person show 2011


1995    Maryland State Arts Council – Individual Artist Award; Sculpture

2005    Maryland State Arts Council – Individual Artist Award; Painting

2007        Selected to represent the State of Maryland in a 25th anniversary exhibit with sister city,                                        Kanagawa, Japan

  2012    Maryland State Arts Council – Individual Artist Award; Photography

2014    Maryland State Arts Council – Individual Artist Award; Craft




         NY Times; Home and Design Magazine; 

                  American Craft Magazine;

                  Washington Post: Review of Zenith Gallery Show



            United Christian Parrish of Reston, VA; Steel and Glass Sculpture

                  Individual Portraits (mixed media)

                  Commissions; Steel Furniture, Lighting and Fireplace Surrounds

                  Individual and Corporate Collectors; Sculpture and Painting