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Kelsey Stephenson

Kelsey Stephenson


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Cecil County
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Film, Media Arts, Music

Artist Bio

Kelsey G an Indie/Folk musician sharing her music one lyric at a time. Growing up in the small town of Clay, West Virginia living hours away from urban life; Kelsey G started learning her craft by absorbing all she could from fellow guitar players in her family. There was always something about the fluidity of someone's hands as they play that truly sparked her interest. 
Kelsey G has been playing guitar for 15 years and grew into a full-on act by adding singing into the mix 3 years later. She received her first guitar, a cheap Fender Strat copy with amp combo as a gift at the age of 7. 
She practiced day and night to improve her guitar skills but realized it wouldn't be possible to become something with such a cheap set up. A family friend started to realize she had some amazing talent for having just taken up the hobby. He wanted to do something great for her that would give her the inspiration to keep playing. He decided to give her a Fender Strat and Vox amp because he truly believed in her. 
With the great reviews she was receiving from others; she now wanted to make guitar playing more than just a hobby, she wanted to make it a living. Kelsey G loves to inspire other musicians with the variations of music she writes. She loves to receive every type of criticism because it only pushes her to become the best musician she can be. Kelsey G wants to give a sincere thank you to all her fans, and anyone who listens to her music.