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Artist Work

The Uncommonly Scene
April 2006
Color Film Print
11 inches high by 14 inches wida
4 am in Brooklyn
August 2006
Color Film Photograph
14 inches high x 11 inches wide
Aristotle’s Lanterns
April 2006
Palladium and Platnium prints
5 inches by 4 inches

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I entered a creative world all my own and have never left.

Artist Bio

I was always interested in making images ever since I can remember. The images come to me via life, in dreams and visions inspiring me to create my own work to share with others. I will never face a canvas void of ideas; there is always something to create. I need to communicate with others and I view my work as the way I see the world. Hopefully, bringing the viewer to realize something they never saw through the work. Landscapes and people are interesting to me so I love to interpret these subjects. I am youthful and explorative, born in upstate New York 1984. I went to Maryland Institute College of Art because furthering my art was the only path for me and the education MICA offered was irresistible. There, I took even more interest in photography and painting running around capturing all Baltimore's cityscapes had to offer. Graduating in 2006 from Maryland Institute, I now continue to pursue my passion for art as a consultant/artist.