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Kellee Wynne Conrad

Kellee Wynne Conrad

Artist Work

Roadside Poplars
24 x 30
Under a Yellow Sun
24 x 24

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Whether it’s the excitement of far off places or the simplicity of my own backyard, I find the need to recall all my greatest memories in paint and color and see them come alive on canvas. For me, what begins as a small impression of a moment in time, a memory of a friend, or a hope for the future will eventually find its way into my paintings to convey big emotions. I love working in vibrant interpretive colors and hope that the expressive brushstrokes or splashes of paint will convey to the viewer my passion not only as an artist, but also as a dreamer; holding on dear to my memories, looking on with excitement to the future and seeking balance in the present.

Artist Bio

Kellee Wynne Conrad has always been fascinated by the impermanence of memories. Painting is her way of tying down experiences where words and photos will not suffice. Brought up from a long line of artists in California, she lived with art as part of her daily life. Kellee worked for many years in the design industry; being published, creating trade product and running workshops, until one day she found herself with the overwhelming desire to go back to her roots in fine art. Four years of living in Belgium was particularly pivotal in this change. There is clearly a connection with living abroad, time spent in front of the world's greatest masterpieces, breathtaking landscapes and her drive to see her memories come alive on canvas that pushed her to pursue her love of painting.

Now settled in Maryland with her husband and three boys, Kellee has dedicating herself to the development of her vision of dreamlike landscapes and abstract wildflowers in vibrant interpretive colors. She is a studio painter and her work includes acrylic painting and mixed media. Currently she exhibits her art in juried, group and solo shows with Maryland Federation of Art and is represented by West Annapolis Artworks and Maine Cottage. Her work has been acquired by private and corporate collectors, both nationally and internationally as far as Europe and New Zealand and she continues to take commissions regionally and from abroad. Kellee has curated several successful art shows at West Annapolis Artworks and had her debut in New York City last Autumn. She is continually inspired by the world where she lives and the far off places she's seen. Kellee believes she is on a journey of a lifetime and art is her way of expressing these experiences.