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Katty Huertas

Katty Huertas


Artist Work

Not Seeing Double
Acrylic on canvas
28 x 22''
What are you seeing?
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 24''
Mirror, mirror
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 24''
Trophy Heads
Don't Series
Acrylic on canvas panel
See You On the Other Side
Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My work is about social issues that deal with double standards, ownership inequalities and injustices. I mostly focus on my experience as a female and on animal rights, and while these two subjects might seem far apart there are similitudes among them. I’m interested in treating these important matters with the respect they deserve while at the same time giving them comical undertones that range from literal to conceptual. I also believe messages are best delivered when in sets which is why my projects consist of at least two pieces each, with up to six paintings composing the “Don’t” signs series and twelve for the self-portrait series. I work with my own image because it is what I know best, I believe the personal is the political hoping that my experiences might resonate with others. These self-portraits deal with obsession and the pressure felt to behave a certain way. The aim of the work is to shine a light on how ridiculous some standards are for women. By painting self-portraits I’m confronting the image I have of my self with what I’m expected to be. I chose painting for this project instead of other mediums because want to reinforce the idea of obsession making the brushstrokes visible allowing the viewer to picture how much time was spent on each piece. My color palate consists mostly of pastels colors because even though the subject matters I’m working with is gloomy I want the final pieces to be able to attract people like candy would; only realizing its dark undertones after a closer look. Besides painting I work with sculpture and found objects. By sculpting human heads into trophy plates and creating wearable accessories with extension hair I create a glimpse to an alternate world in which roles are inversed.

Artist Bio

Katty Huertas was born in Bogota, Colombia. She completed her BA in Arts with a Minor in Art History from Florida International University and after living for four years in Miami, FL, she recently moved to the Baltimore area. Her work explores issues of female identity, obsession, double standars and animal rights. Katty works in a variety of mediums from digital illustration, to ceramics, painting and fiber work.