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Artist Work

Festive Pennsylvania Dutch Classic
Hand sewn/embroidered clothing, found objects, digital prints, hand painted wall mounts
5ft. x 7ft.
Homage To PA Festive Tree Costumes Detail (In Progress)
New and used fabric, cage wire, 1 person each
About 3ft. x 6ft. per costume
How Do I Ask? Detail
NAtural Sheep fleece, bric-a-brac, sequins, beads, found objects, used fabric, ribbon
7 ft. x 7 ft. x 8 ft.
Carnival Sheep
11/ 2006
Floor Dusters, mops, cae wire
2.5 ft. x 5 ft. x 5.5 ft.
Homage To PA Festive Tree Costumes (In Progress)
New and used fabric, cage wire, 1 person each
About 3ft. x 6ft. per costume

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Katherine Kesselring Artists Statement I am interested in infusing a lack of lore with new lore. The unique diversity of the United States has created a different experience then the development of a singular popular folklore found in other parts of the world. I find myself reclaiming brand new folklore with the hand of a populist, creating a new space for art in the rituals of daily living. I use local and historic popular ideals such as parades, idols, and costuming in a variety of media to open that door. I challenge viewers to create strange relationships with the work through the avenues of religion, irony, and humor, in both physical form and concept. My Pennsylvania roots, local landscape, and area customs such as those of the Pennsylvania Dutch are major sources of personal imagery and inspiration, as is the social development of the US. I am interested in the regional uses of fabrics and color as personal and local identifiers, as frequently used in uniforms. Sheep are often the main characters in my work and address my own strange link to Catholicism, the religion in which I was raised. I look to worldly Catholic image making and festival traditions when creating new pieces. The irony of merging these grandiose conventions with simple popular forms is the challenge I present. My work bridges a gap between the simplest definition of fine art and the most immediate,devotional physical expression.

Artist Bio

Katherine Kesselring Artists Bio Katherine is an emerging installation artist making connections with communities on the east coast. She has recently participated in The Race Show, a group exhibition at theWhole Gallery in Baltimore, and Hothouse: Synthetic Creations at Project Flowershop in Brooklyn, NY. She was selected for a solo show by the Maryland Institute College of Art. Katherine continues showing in up and coming Baltimore Galleries such as Current and Cubicle 10. In 2006 she curated an interactive installation titled This could be you: World’s Fair Baltimore LIVE! The event included three days of performance, music, and interactive sculpture at the Current Gallery. Katherine was chosen as a representative of the Maryland Institute’s painting department to compete for the Gelman Travel Fellowship for study in Peru. She was awarded a merit scholarship from both the Maryland Institute and the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts, and was recipient of the Winifred M. Gordon International Programs Award. Katherine was granted a residency at la Escuela de Bellas Artes in Cusco, Peru in the summer of 2006, and was selected as an alternate for the Fulbright Travel Grant Program to Peru in June 2007, She plans to return to study the use of Catholic iconography in Peruvian popular art, and continue seeking varied residency study. Katherine studied painting and fibers at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and expanded her education by studying in Rome Italy for the spring of 2005. She lived for two months in Cusco, Peru with an artisan family and found fresh inspiration to create her newest body of work. She is now living and working in the Mid-Atlantic region creating installations and costumes that play with *locale* traditions.