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Kate Samworth

Kate Samworth


Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Literary Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am interested in nature and what the history of art reveals about our evolving understanding of the natural world. My paintings and wordless picture books explore themes of curiosity, reverence, and fear of our constantly changing environment.

Artist Bio

Kate Samworth has exhibited across the US and abroad. Her first illustrated book, Aviary Wonders Inc., won the Kirkus Prize for Young Readers in 2014. She studied and then taught painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and earned a degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Her work is influenced by her interests in nature and ecology. She has traveled through Europe, Brazil, and Turkey to look at art, go bird-watching, and volunteer on organic farms. She currently working on illustrations for several books. She teaches classes in her Takoma Park, MD studio and workshops at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.