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Karin Cadoux

Karin Cadoux


Artist Work

Hard Feelings
Hard Feelings: Install Shot II
Too Day
Household Nest
Too Day II

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Performing Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

Call Your Mom create interactive theatre works that encourage spaces of reflective vulnerability. Inspired by performance processes like Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed and the Neo-Futurists' episodic form, the applicants challenge themselves to communicate around intimacy, embodiment, and injustice in multiple modalities. Their creative process begins when they select a theme and explore that theme in multiple mediums. Over the course of the applicants' five year collaboration, their work has evolved to include installation, video work, sound art, dance, and music composition. The applicant's current project, Say You're Sorry, seeks to understand how and why individuals and cultures forgive

Artist Bio

Call Your Mom (Emma Bergman, E Cadoux, Sophie Goldberg, and Mia Massimino) is a multimedia performance collective founded in 2014 and based in Baltimore, MD. Known for interdisciplinary, immersive works, Call Your Mom uses video, installation, movement, and participatory performance to facilitate spaces of reflective vulnerability. The collective engages the public in conversational work that responds to local perspectives. Call Your Mom’s making structure is horizontal; all four voices hold equal weight in the process. Our creative process begins when we select a theme. We develop the work by exploring that theme in multiple mediums, never limiting ourselves to a single form. Past work has engaged with women’s individual and collective narratives, mother figures, miscommunication, familial structures, and ritual/celebration. With our current work, Say You’re Sorry (2019-2020), Call Your Mom posits that true forgiveness is a rarity and seeks to understand how and why individuals and cultures forgive