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Kari Melen

Kari Melen


Artist Work

Brooding Sky
Cherry Cordial
oil on board
6" x 6"
Holiday Dream
oil on board
9" x 12"
New Tide
oil on stretched canvas
16" x 20"
Rainy Reflection
acrylic and oil on stretched canvas
20" x 24"
Little Nipper
oil on board
6" x 6"

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

I had the urge to draw and paint when I was in grade school, through high school and during my short stint of college. Then life happened. Things got in the way and painting got pushed to the side in pursuit of other things. I continued to love art and sometimes the desire to paint would start to bubble up but I didn't have the space (or time, I thought) to begin painting again. At some point around 2008, I thought I would start creating a space for arts and crafts in our basement. This was no small task with cleaning out years of accumulated junk treasures. I bought and assembled shelves, brought in a table and then decided I'd like to have my first real easel. I think that was the thing. I felt like a real artist when I bought that easel and I realized, now I needed to actually make some art with it. I played around with the acrylics and watercolors that I had from years ago but still felt like I wasn't creating the art that I wanted to create.

I wanted to try oil paints but was intimidated by the starting cost. I had found some kit somewhere that was outrageously priced and I got frustrated. Then I decided I could afford the oils if I bought a few paints at a time until I had accumulated enough colors for a painting. Looking back, I could have bought yellow, red, blue, and white and gotten a start!

I wanted to take an oils class and my local community college had a class but the pre-requisite was a basic drawing class. I wasn't terribly interested in the drawing aspect of it but I knew I was rusty at that so, why not?

Taking that class really got my creative spirit going and I signed up for the oil painting class. When my schedule came up, the class was canceled due to low participation... can you imagine??? So, I talked to an artist friend and got some tips and she introduced me to That site has been so inspiring to me. I have learned about some amazing artists and learned tons of tips and techniques from reading their blogs.

I had a dream of having my art shown in a gallery. Now I have done that and I want to continue to improve, and grow as an artist.

I have signed up for a number of workshops and I'm so excited to paint more and to continue on this journey.