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Kaisey McCallion

Kaisey McCallion


Artist Work

Mars via American Airlines
Digital Media
Brave Little Tailor
Projection, Paper, Natural Meterials
12 X 24 X12 in
Piwi the Kiwi
Hand Drawn Animation
7 minutes

Artist Information

St. Mary's County
Artistic Category

Film, Media Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Inspired by childhood memories, my work creates an experience where imaginary storybook narratives are not confined to their pages. My work is greatly informed by conceptualism, as it is centered around memories of my youth. I use two or three dimensions, with static, motion, or time based mediums in order to recreate the sentiments of my memories. Emotional relationships, and physical connections develop into experiences through the use of character hand drawn animation. These experiences echo personal childhood memories that imitate emotions of childhood wonder, the desire to explore, and a drive for adventure. In my work children are transported into their fantastical imaginary spaces, and adults back to their childhood memories. Disbelief in the narrative is suspended, travel to the moon or distant planets is then possible, an island adventure is closer than a flight away, and storybook tales are not contained by their pages. While storybook characters such as Peter Pan explore the second star to the right, and Christopher Robin adventures into the Hundred Acre Woods, my work creates an experiential exploration into storybook narratives environments.

Artist Bio

Kaisey McCallion currently lives and and studies in St. Mary’s City Maryland. He is graduating in the spring of 2019 with a BS in Applied Physics and Studio Art from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. While at St. Mary’s he has generated a diverse body of work that addresses how imaginary narratives are told. Insulation time based works, as well as digital or pastel mediums are used in his work to evoke childhood memories, or spatial awareness. Recently his work has been exhibited in the Boyden Gallery at St. Mary’s College of Maryland in both the Student Show (2019) and St. Mary’s Project Studio Art Exhibition (2019). His work as also won the Senior Studio Art Class Award (2019).