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Kai Lun Qu

Kai Lun Qu


Artist Work

Oil on Canvas
Oil on Linen
Model Session
Oil on Panel

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Art to me is an embodiment of countless imaginations and ideas waiting to be delved through the minds of one's consciousness. I find painterly realism to be that of a connection between human being’s understanding of nature and all that is around us and I aim upon focusing on bringing out the nature of the subjects I paint, capturing their spirits and who they are and represent. Within my paintings, I like to listen with my eyes. Capturing my subjects as honestly and faithfully as possible.

Artist Bio

Kai Lun Qu (b.1995) is a fine arts student who has a love for and lifelong ambition to pursue art. Born in Tianjin, China, he and his family moved to San Francisco, California when he was only 2 years old. Kai started drawing ever since he could hold a pencil and won many art competitions during his childhood.

At age, 6, He took first place at the New Century International Youth Art Contest and his winning painting was featured on the cover of the contestant entry book in 2001. After his junior high graduation at age 15, Kai returned to China and enrolled in "Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts" for his freshman year of high school. The next following year he attended Beijing’s prestigious "CAFA (Central China Academy of Fine Arts)" and studied there for the rest of his sophomore year.

Kai returned to San Francisco to complete his high school education and was quickly accepted into "SOTA (Ruth Asawa’s School of the Arts)". At age 17, He went on to have his art featured in the San Francisco City Hall exhibition sponsored by SF Supervisor Norman Yee: "Emerging Local Artists". His art has also been exhibited inside the SFO Airport Gallery Show

Near the end of his senior year at SOTA at age 18, He had won many scholarships and awards through his art including the Robert Squeri Foundation Artist Award and Elks Art Award.

His artwork, "Withering Age" won first place in the "United States House of Representatives National Congressional Art Competition 2014". "Withering Age" is currently being displayed in the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

He currently attends Maryland Institute College of Arts in Baltimore, Maryland majoring in Painting.