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Justin Winkel

Justin Winkel


Artist Work

If The World Were Flat
Mixed Media

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Art is a connection between the creator and the collector, that cannot be bought!

Artist Bio

Justin Winkel, age 26, is an emerging self-taught artist from Baltimore, Maryland. As an Abstract Artist he primarily works with acrylic paints. Justin often employs bold colors and layers of texture in an expressionist manner. He has works represented in many private collections across the United States. Justin believes that his subconscious and the death of his father are the inspiration behind his works of art. From the choice of color, to the stroke of the brush or the swift motion of a palette knife, he believes that his subconscious speaks what his mouth is unwilling too. After 8 long years of trying to cope with the loss of his father and the struggle for acceptance and a sense of direction, in February 2013, at the age of 24, a paintbrush fell into what was soon to be the hands of a very talented artist. At this point he had finally found peace within himself.  Justin's father passed away when he was sixteen. Since his fathers death he has yearned for a connection to his father in an adult manner and he believes his art fills that void because his father too, was also an artist. Justin’s ultimate goal through his art is to show the importance of Fine Arts and how creativity is the key to human growth.