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Judy Kelly

Judy Kelly


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That Ever Died So Young
Blessings and Curses

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Montgomery County
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Literary Arts

Artist Statement

We learn through those special people who want to take the time to teach us. I've learned much about writing through many writers who did that for me. I would like to give to others. I have a presentation on dialogue that I would like to give to those who would like to ask me to their conferences or speaking engagements.

Artist Bio

Judy Kelly is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College. She enjoys bicycling, walking, running, the movies, theatre and many other activities. She, of course, enjoys writing. She has published her first novel, That Ever Died So Young, a Finalist in the Somerset Literary and Contemporary Fiction Award for 2014.  She will soon publish her second novel, Blessings and Curses. Her presentation on the Importance and Purposes of Dialogue at the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute and Montgomery College were extremely successful. She belongs to Rockville Writers' Group that she began and facilitates the Writers' Group at the Reston Community Center, in Reston Va. She has attended the Gettysburg Conference, Antioch Writers' Workshop, Bay to Ocean Conference, Maryland Writers Assoicate Conferences and belongs to the Eastern Shore Writes Association as well as the Maryland Writers Association. She began the Montgomery County Chapter of Maryland Writers' Association.