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Artist Work

soap slivers on black velvet
12"x 12"
plastic packaging from cosmetic and beauty products, red velvet
43" x 96"
The Sweetest Fruit II
soap slivers on black velvet
54" x 72" x 5"

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)
Prior to 2012

Artist Bio

<p>Mixed media artist, Jill Greenberg currently lives in Baltimore, MD at Artists’ Housing Incorporated, a residential cooperative for artists of all disciplines. She creates sculptures and installations from materials as diverse as plastic packaging, powder puffs, cicada exoskeletons, dandelion fluff and soap slivers. Using such non-traditional materials, she explores the boundaries between body and spirit, masculine and feminine, attraction and repulsion, strength and fragility, as well as between meditative and obsessive tendencies. Since receiving her Master of Fine Arts degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in May 2004, Ms. Greenberg has earned significant recognition in the form of grants, fellowship and travel opportunities, and press. </p> <p>Ms. Greenberg recently participated in the Accumulation Project, an endeavor of twenty artists each collecting an item of choice for a full year, and making art out of the resulting accumulation. She chose to collect soap slivers, the last bits of soap that remain from a used bar, and friends and strangers alike from coast to coast of the United States obliged her by gleaning in their soap dishes and sending her this unthinkable art medium. The hundreds of soap slivers came with an unanticipated series of stories involving an unlikely cast of characters including the Deputy Sheriff of the Milwaukee Conty Jail, one of her favorite living artists, and three women who share the name Jill Greenberg with her. From amusing, to touching, to downright bizarre, these stories are documented on the Accumulation Project website at <a title="" target="_blank" href="/"></a>. The zany course this venture has taken compels Ms. Greenberg to continue her project indefinitely. </p> <p>Jill's life and art have been influenced by several years of Buddhist meditation practice. Jill is an avowed books-on-tape geek. She firmly believes that obsessives make the best artists. </p>