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Jessica St. Clair

Jessica St. Clair


Artist Work

The Sentinel
Mixed Media Photography & Digital Art
Glide the Swirl
Mixed Media Photography & Digital Art
41" x 28"
Chesapeake Beacon
Mixed Media Photography & Digital Art
12" x 18" Aluminum
Calla Lily Pretty
24" x 36" Mounted Canvas, Framed
Mixed Media Photography & Digital Art
Photo Print Mounted, Double Matted and Framed to 28" x 22"
Tinker & Toil
24" x 18" Canvas, Framed

Artist Information

Cecil County
Artistic Category

Media Arts, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Wild imagination and keen refinement collide as a living dichotomy of strong statements with a delicate presentation, loud strokes against a soft background and unexpected juxtapositions in orderly fashion. Forever teetering between the rigid rules of black and white and the freedom of the fabulous gray area, always with a toe in each world, my work and life portray the melding of both universes. The catalyst to create begins its journey as a vision seen with the eye or mind and felt with the heart, often an obscure setting, object or subject that would otherwise be easily overlooked and under-appreciated. The tangibility of that fleeting moment in time is organically captured through the camera lens, then moves onward to the technical realm of seamlessly layering elements, and finally is polished for striking composition and balance. It is ready to be set free when, like me, its bold courageousness and gentle, methodical organization are harmonizing.

Artist Bio

Jessica St. Clair is an award winning artist, entrepreneur and small business owner.  Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with high honors from William Paterson University and leading a professional decade-long career as Lead Designer and Visual Information Specialist for the US Government garnered Jessica with the invaluable skills and experience paramount to accomplishing her next creative ambition.  In 2013 her long-time goal was set in motion, and Jessica St. Clair Studio, LLC was launched.

Devoting heart and soul to her business and studio brings with it many rewarding accomplishments.  Her striking fine artwork is displayed, appreciated, sold and donated in a variety of venues and continues to grow.  An achievement she is especially proud of is the creation of Bark Remarks™ doggone funny greetings for a great cause, a collection of original humorous greeting card designs featuring and giving back to local shelter dogs in need.  The line is flourishing, and what started as an online presence continues to expand to retail locations carrying Bark Remarks™ in appreciation of both their art and mission.

Proudly supported by her husband, TC, and always inspired by her fur kid, Molly, the three enjoy love, life and art together in northern Maryland.