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Jessica Barnes

Jessica Barnes


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Allegany County
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Traditional Arts

Artist Bio

                I enjoy creating chaos. My work is abstract in acrylic on canvas. I majored in psychology when I was attending college and that is where most of my inspiration comes from. To me, my work represents different aspects of the brain, whether it be mental illness or an intricate brain pattern. My Beholder series is the perfect example of my interpretation of a brain pattern. I deal with my own demons in the form of anxiety and depression and use my art to release them. I like to use bright colors to represent the happiness and if there is black or dark blue in my piece it is there to represent the depression or anxiety.

                My other inspiration is Jackson Pollock. I enjoy the chaotic splatters, drips, and drizzles of Pollock’s work. The flow of his work and his style make me think of a chaotic brain. Some of my paintings represent his style but with my own added twist. I add lace to my work and sometimes artificial flowers to add a sophistication/classiness to my work.

                I am fairly new to the art scene, although I have been painting since high school. My goal is to get my work out in the open for other’s to enjoy. I want to share my experiences and my art in hopes to help someone else feel at peace.