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Artist Work

Ani Dodi
Little Swimmer
12 and 12
Bicycle Symphony
six 5x7 paintings
Dodge Truck
March 2007
Watermedia with pen & ink
mixed media

Artist Information

Worcester County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Jeri’s motto should be “God is in the details.” She loves to draw intricate leaves and feathers, stones, wooden slats, and architectural details. Along the shore, colors are unusually intense and wildlife is abundant, so she learned to carry her camera at all times. Her rich library of photographs provides the inspiration for most of her paintings. She is also deeply affected by the transient nature of life and tries to depict original beach cottages, shore birds, and landscapes before they are gone. Pat of the appeal of Jeri’s paintings is her use of vivid color. She frequently mixes colors on the paper rather than the palette. In fact, rocks and even glass take on lavenders and reds in her work. As an artist, Jeri hopes to convey her sense of awe in every subject she paints. In addition, she seeks to create a contemporary realism in her approach. She looks for a uniquely different angle on traditional subjects.

Artist Bio

Jeri Lipov is a displaced Texan who has lived in Maryland since 1959. She and her husband, Richard, are recent transplants to the Maryland shore when they retired in 2003. They love the easy access to nature here. They also enjoy traveling as well as visiting their children and grandchildren. Jeri grew up in Texas and even as a child she was entranced by the natural beauty she found there – startling bluebonnets, horned toads, and puffy white clouds in the expansive blue sky. She took up drawing and photography at around the age of 10. In the early 1990s, she took her first watercolor classes at the Columbia Visual Arts Center in Columbia, Maryland, with Dr. Morris E. Green. Due to the demands of work and family, she had to give it up. Then, in 2003, Jeri began working with Don Griswold in the Ocean City, Maryland, area. Under Don’s guidance, Jeri developed her own mixed media watermedia-and-pen-and-ink style, along with an occasional work in pastels and watercolor pencil. She has also taken short watermedia workshops in Florida and Maryland. Jeri is the founder and Vice President for Programs for the Ocean Pines Camera Club. She is also one of the leaders for The Parke Painters in Ocean Pines. She maintains active membership in the Art League of Ocean City, the Worcester County Arts Council in Berlin, and the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury Maryland. Her work has been exhibited at the Art League of Ocean City, Worcester County Arts Council, the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury, the annual Seacrets exhibition and sale, the Globe Theater in Berlin, and other local exhibits. She has had solo exhibits at the Worcester County Arts Council and the Ocean Pines Library. She will have solo exhibits in 2009 in May at the Ocean Pines Library and in June at Slayton House and later at the Columbia Arts Center, both in Columbia, Maryland. She has received several honors and awards including: The Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury has included her works in their Annual National Juried Exhibitions: September 2007 for Dodge Truck and September 2008 for Koi Party. In addition, she was awarded an Honorable Mention for her Marina at Rest painting in their November 2008 “On the Waterfront” exhibit. The Art League of Ocean City has awarded her several Honorable Mentions, including her painting Purple Flowers and her Ocean City Sunrise photograph. Her work can be found on , easternshoreartistforum@yahoolcom , and .