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Jennifer Anetta

Jennifer Anetta


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Flamenco: Tientos por Tangos

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Montgomery County
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Performing Arts

Artist Statement

Jennifer Anetta's flamenco dance performance, choreography and teaching strives to express the passion and sentido (feeling) of flamenco. Through the use of dance movement and/or instruction she strives to communicate the cante (singing), guitar, percussion and dance collectively. Flamenco is a beautiful performance and a collaborative art form, which incorporates communication between musicians and dancers. She enthusiastically enjoys sharing and exploring the history of Flamenco Dance through performance and instruction.

Artist Bio

Jennifer Anetta, flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher, grew as an individual, and as performing artist in the DC metro area.  She resides currently in the artisitc community of Takoma Park, MD.  Jennifer Anetta's foundation in flamenco began and flourished under the instruction of Anna Menendez at the American Dance Institute in Rockville, MD. Her growth continued locally in Silver Spring and Washington D.C.  under the instruction and direction of Edwin Aparicio and Genevieve Guinn.  After establishing her flamenco studies, she continued her professional growth, by traveling abroad to Jerez, Spain and attending workshops. She studied with international flamenco artists such as Merecedes Ruiz, Domingo Ortega, Rafaela Carrasco, Manuel Linan, Carmela Greco, La Tati, La Truco, La Meira, Aflonso Losa, Nino de los Reyes, Nelida Tirado and Antonio Vargas. 

Jennifer Anetta's dance peformance experience began as a soloist in 2003.  She has also peformed as a solosist and dance company member of the former, Pastora Dance Ensemble, and also as a dance company member of Flamenco Aparicio.  Company and solo performance venues have included theatre stages, as well as intimate tablao settings. Theatre peformances have included the Lisner Auditorium, Gala Hispanic Theatre, Shakespeare Theater, Millenium Stage at the Kennedy Center, Warehouse Theatre, HR-57, Creative Alliance Theatre, Area 405, and the American Dance Institue.   Restuarant performances have included La Tasca, Taberna del Alabardero, Las Tapas, Jaleo, Casablanca, and Andalusia.    She has worked to bring the art of flamenco to the younger generation through school show performances and instructional assemblies. 

Choreographic experience began as a dance member while in high school.  She participated as a dance choroegrapher for her high school dance team. She also choreographed while dancing as a member of the Mountain Jazz Dance Ensemble at West Virginia University . She has contributed choreographic pieces as a member of Pastora Dance Ensemble. She also enjoys the artistic creation of choreographing solo pieces as well. . 

As a flamenco dance instructor, she has provided class instruction to youth and adults at studios including Roda Movements in Takoma Park, MD, Arte Flamenco in Laurel Maryland, the American Dance Institute in Rockville, MD and DC Dance Collective in Washington, D.C.. 

Jennifer Anetta is a master in movement analysis and instruction.  She holds her Master of Physical Therapy and B.S. in Exercise Physiology. She is also a licensed and practicing physical therapist.  Her co-existing profession, as a physical therapist has included studies in Dance Medicine.