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Jason Sloan

Jason Sloan


Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Media Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)
2019, 2016

Artist Bio

Jason Sloan is an electronic musician, composer, and sounds artist practicing in Baltimore, MD. His work explored immateriality and its relationship to memory, systems and the virtual world. Besides his notoriety in the ambient and space music scenes for close to two decades, Jason has released over a dozen solo albums, collaborations and has been included on multiple various artist collections. 

In 2012 he started work under the monkier L'Avenir. This project explores Sloan's long time love of synth-pop and minmal wave music. L'Avenir's music is created purely from analog, modular and vintage synthesizer equipment and has released albums on Barcelona's Cold Beats Records and Beläten in Sweden. 

In 2001 Sloan co-founded SLO.BOR Media with sound artist & web designer Matt Borghi as a vehicle for their individual ambient releases and platform for other artists. SLO.BOR Media is primarily a record lable, but focuses on a variety of media and forms of distribution. SLO.BOR Media also puts an emphasis on packaging, design, new media, sound and conceptual art. 

Sloan recieved his BFA from Edinboro University and his MFA from Towson Univerity. His installations,, video art and documented preformances have been exhibited internationally incities such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Kiev, Nagoya, Saint-Petersburg, Toulouse, Lisbon, Uden and Vienna. In addition to releasing over a dozen studio albums and E.P.'s over the last decade, Sloan has played live all over the US, Canada and Europe including the influental Live Construations radio program at Coloumbia University, Berlin's Liquid Sky TV, STEIM in Amsterdam, CMMAS in Morelia, and Philadelphia's The Gatherings concert series; one of the country's oldest continuing ambient and electronic music series.