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Jason Mullinax

Jason Mullinax


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Mullinax/O'Meara Live Percussion Duo
Music DIscovery Lab

Mullinax/O'Meara live percussion duet (5-11-13)

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Music Discovery Lab is a workshop that offers a unique opportunity for students to create and explore sound through guided play in a fun and casual environment. Drum instructor and veteran musician Jason Mullinax will introduce and demonstrate a variety of percussion and electronic instruments, then have participants try them as soloists and in ensembles. With a primary goal of encouraging creativity and experimentation, Music Discovery Lab is appropriate for students of all musical backgrounds—no experience is necessary. What does an optical theremin sound like? How many different sounds can you get from a small cymbal or simple drum? Come to the lab and find out! My objectives with the workshop include: · Encouraging group listening and improvisational skills · Cultivating creative thinking and a capacity for free self-expression · Developing students’ unique musical vocabularies · Fostering an appreciation for the creative potential for all sound and for the music that already exists around us

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Jason A Mullinax is a songwriter and percussionist with over 25 years of drumming and performance experience. As a member of the award-winning Fort Mill High School Marching Band from 1992 to 1996, he studied under Dr. Rande Sanderbeck from East Tennessee State University and was accepted to the Music Education program at the University of South Carolina on a composition scholarship in 1996. He has founded or participated in numerous musical groups covering a wide range of styles including rock, metal, punk, jazz, country, rockabilly, ensemble percussion, free-form improv and various other forms of experimental music. He has performed widely in the D.C. metro area at venues including the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, the French Embassy and the Atlas Performing Arts Center. As a composer, he's written soundtracks for documentaries and films, and has considerable experience recording, producing and releasing original material on his own record label. He has also curated six installments of the annual “Off the Grid” series of unplugged concerts for the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music. He is the current drum instructor at the Richardson School of Music and facilitates music workshops at various locations around the region.