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Jann Rosen-Queralt

Jann Rosen-Queralt

Artist Work

Copper, Stainless Steel, Polished River Pebbles, Plant Material
Dimensions: Footprint: 130” X 78” Element A (Tall Cone) 141” X 14” X 32” Element B (Center Column) 224” X 24” X 30” Element C (Short Cone) 52” X 15” X 26”
Unsung Heroes - Hanging Umbrellas
Inkjet print on banner nylon, water, umbrella frames, handmade mounts, steel
52” Diameter, 39” Depth
Argo (video documentation)
Wood, LED lights, video projection
55" x 22" x 11"
Unsung Heroes - Decorator Crab Dodecahedron
Laser cut acrylic Plexiglas rhombic dodecahedron
Wood, LED lights, video projection
55" x 22" x 11"

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

I am interested in creating places of enrichment, interaction, contemplation, and regeneration that integrate into the diverse fabric of urban areas. Much of my public artwork, exterior and interior site-specific environments has been based on collaborative thinking that resulted from in-depth work with design professionals, engineers, scientists, fabricators, and the communities that use the spaces. My interest in art planning and design team-work is based upon the knowledge that there is value to individual input that becomes part of a team effort. This effort is focused on problem solving, which is laying the foundation for future implementation. This requires divergent and convergent thinking, something I truly enjoy. Themes such as context, mapping, inventory of past and present conditions, and the generation of ideas for the future compose the multi-layered attraction of this work. These themes are supported by smaller ideas and details, such as the poetry of voice, sometimes natural and other times cultural, community connections, environmental sustainability and historic/cultural sensitivity. The interweaving allows each person to engage differently and create rich individual memories over repeated encounters. Public engagement enhances my conceptual focus on ecology, sustainability and social justice. At one of my exhibitions, attendees might contribute to the artwork, make soap in the shape of a shell, study invertebrates under a microscope, hear poetry, or be serenaded by musicians. Guided by Leed specifications and looking to the efficiency of natural processes, I incorporate recycled energy and materials wherever possible. This “low-impact” sensibility assures that the work takes both the natural world and our place within it into account.

Artist Bio

Jann Rosen-Queralt is motivated to create places that encourage human interaction. Much of her public artwork is based on in-depth work with the communities that use these spaces for contemplation, commemoration and learning. A sample of her commissions include a rain garden that treats stormwater runoff at Powhatan Springs Park, Arlington, Virginia; and a walkway in the tree canopy done in collaboration with Roma Campanile for Annmarie Garden on St. John Creek, Calvert County, Maryland. She has participated on several design and art master planning teams including the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Facility that will provide services for Snohomish and King Counties in Washington State, the Columbia Heights Neighborhood Revitalization and Streetscape Plan in Washington, DC. and the Gwynns Falls Greenway Trail in Baltimore, Maryland. Rosen-Queralt believes that successful public artists are "interested in exchanging ideas that involve the public, becoming a catalyst for encouraging discovery and collaboration." She has completed dozens of public art commissions nationally and internationally and is currently the interim Director of the Rinehart Graduate School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD.