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Janice Knausenberger

Janice Knausenberger


Artist Work

20" x 22"
New Beginnings
Linen and Cotton, dyed and then woven
36" x 29"
Garden Niche
Linen and Cotton woven, dyed and painted
33" x 25.5"
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Fiber, dyed and painted linen and cotton handwoven
39" x 19"
Dunes in the Afternoon
fiber, painted linen woven with cotton inlay
22" x 16"
Bird of Paradise
Fiber, dyed linen handwoven with linen and cotton
44" x 38"

Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Janice Knausenberger has been weaving for almost 40 years, holds a Master’s of Science degree, and has dedicated much of the past 30 years as an international consultant in weaving, fiber arts, production efficiency and design. Janice loves nature, color, light and rhythm and identifies with nature’s moods from serenity and majesty to joy and whimsy. The individuality of her pieces reflect the synthesis of her artistry, her scientific training and her unique experiences and absorption of cultures and environments around the world, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean and North America. Her social/community commitments and reflective quiet times in nature are essential for her creativity, essential to her as breathing in and breathing out.

Artist Bio


Fiber Artist, Weaver, International Consultant

Janice has been a weaver and fiber artist for over 35 years.  She grew up in California where nature and colors were part of her life, and attributes much of her unique exprssion of that love through weaving to her 21 years that she lived in Africa and the Caribbean. She taught the fiber arts in Maryland schools as a guest artist in the1990's.  She continues to consult with fiber artists in Africa, contributing to increased production efficiency, technical and design skills, all of which empower the weavers to express their own ideas in a marketable way.  Janice is currently the president of the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore.