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Janet Fox

Janet Fox


Artist Work

Rock Collection 2
Encaustic, Ink, Paper, Oil, & Seed Pods on MDF
10" X 10"
Memorial Park Guardian
encaustic (pigmented wax) on wood
29"h x 17"w
Coming Home
encaustic (pigmented wax) and paper on archival board
10" h X 8" w
Near the Boardwalk
encaustic (pigmented wax) on wood
22" h X 29"w
Art Cathedral Glass No. 1
mixed media
30"h x 22"w
She Chi (focal point panel)
encaustic mixed media
6" X 6" section, part of a larger piece 29"h X 12"w

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I love experimenting with materials, especially encaustic wax, and techniques and textures to create art. I find joy in discovering and engaging the creative spirit within, while having fun and enlightening conversations along the way.

Artist Bio

I love to make art and learn about art-making by experimenting in my studio, by viewing and discussing art with others, and through living and dreaming. My style is usually abstract, representational or contemporary, often with nature or dream-based themes. I create primarily with encaustic (pigmented beeswax) and mixed media including fabric, pastels, fibrous and colorful papers and other found materials and objects.

Although I’ve studied under D.C., Maryland and Indianapolis art teachers and through online courses, I am primarily self-taught through my studio practice. I've been creating art professionally since the early 2000's and have studied under Indianapolis and D.C.-area artists.

My work is available at Gallery 209 within the Artists & Makers 2 complex, at 12276 Wilkins Avenue, Rockville, MD 20852 and periodically at other regional venues. Select pieces and my art blog are at Previously, I exhibited in central Indiana and have had art in South Bend, Indiana and western Michigan galleries. In addition to art fair, coffee house, restaurant, gallery and art center venues, several artworks have been published.