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Jacqueline Zakrewsky

Jacqueline Zakrewsky

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The Grief Club
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Montgomery County
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Literary Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

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Once again, I am deeply thankful to recieve an award from the Mayland State Arts Council to further my development as a writer.  I previously recieved an IAA (fiction) in 2010.  My work has appeared in Poet Lore, The Iowa Review, and Rosebud, among other publications.  I recieved the 2003 X.J Kennedy Award for Nonfiction from Rosebud for my essay "IN Coal Country" and am currently seeking agent representation for my first novel.  Much of my work is set in the anthracite coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania, where I was raised.

In 1996 I recieved an M.F.A in Poetry from the UNiverstiy of Maryland but later turned to writing prose.  In the past decade I have attended several writing conferences- including the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop in California and Summer Literacy Seminars (Lithuania)- to hone my skills as a fiction writer.  

As for my day job, I have worked at the University of Maryland as a ghost writer since 2008.

I am a 1986 graduate of Gettysburg College, where I majored in English and earned Phi Beta Kappa honors.  I moved to Montgomery County, MD., in 1988 and live in Silver Spring with my husband and son.