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Jacqueline Milad

Jacqueline Milad


Artist Work

Equal Pyramids
Pencil, flashe and gold paint on paper
30" x 20"
They Both Make Pyramids
charcoal, pencil, flashe and ink on paper
72" x 54"
charcoal, pencil, flashe and ink on paper
72" x 54"
Myths and Alchemy
charcoal, pencil, flashe and ink on paper
22' x 15'
Gold Bricks 2
flashe and gold paint on paper
30" x 20"
Sketches 1
charcoal, pencil, flashe and ink on paper
13" x 10"

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)
2019, 2016, Prior to 2012

Artist Statement

My current works on paper, examine the complexities of identity-making for people of mixed race, and mixed ethnic backgrounds. Much of my life has been spent finding difference between my immigrant parents, and not able to fully identify with either. In this current series I have constructed a new visual language, a mash-up of actual and invented symbols associated with my Egyptian and Honduran background and personal family history. This work is about creating my own mythologies and language - my own identity.

Artist Bio

Jackie Milad is an Egyptian-Honduran first generation American, born in Baltimore City.  She has exhibited and performed internationally and nationally in venues such as the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, the Arlington Art Center and the Richard Foreman Ontological Theater in New York City.  Ms. Milad has participated in numerous solo exhibitions most notably with Flashpoint Gallery in Washington D.C. and the Museum of Fine Arts in Mazatlan, Mexico and Culiacan, Mexico.  In 2010 and 2016, Milad was awardd an individual artist grant from Maryland State Art Council.  In 2005 she earned her MFA from Towson University where she was a recipient of a competitive Graduate Fellowship.  In 2000 she received her BFA from Tufts University and the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts.  in 1998, Ms. Milad studied painting at the Studio Arts Center International in Florence Italy.  More recently, Milad participated in a residency at the Vermont Studio Center.