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J Desire

J Desire


Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am artistically known as J.desire and I'm a passionate and charismatic female artist, in the pursuit of educating, empowering and employing people through my love of art and design. My 31 years of life have humbly taught me how to be present in the moment, embrace whatever is happening and to seek out the beauty in all circumstances- favorable or not. I draw inspiration from all sources including travel, food, history, nature, fashion and people. However, My ultimate Muse is my late soul mate; John Edward Price Jr. (My Gotti).

Artist Bio

Jessica C. Pittman (artistically known as "J.desire") is a charismatic, upbeat, & whimsical artist & designer. She is a Baltimore, Maryland native and has always enjoyed the hidden gems & charm her city has to offer!

J.desire loves drawing and painting the people, places, and things she is connected to. Her preferred medium is watercolor but she is learning to manipulate acrylics to her liking. J.desire's clean, crisp linework coupler with her signature cartoon- like images have dubbed her art signature. She is in the pursuit of educating, empowering, employing people through her passion for art & design with JCP STUDIOS|art & design; her creative studio curated in November 2018.

Having her first art show just a year later in November 2019, she is fiercely anticipating more upcoming shows (including a solo exhibit), commissions, and countless partnerships/ connections this year! J.desire also fully intends on exploring other mediums such as sculpture, mural art, and children's book illustrations and evolving as a woman and artist.