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Ibrahim Badru

Ibrahim Badru


Artist Work

Man or Beast
Fine ART Photography
30 x 40

Artist Information

Charles County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

“Our eyes are merely a tunnel from the physical world to the mind. As simple as that may sound, this a complex task for the mind. Finding beauty in anything is only as difficult as what we consider to be beautiful. As emotional beings, our eyes, mind and heart work as a single entity when interpreting art. Although we may see an image that is not visually appealing, we can see and feel its energy. There’s a true sense of power in its existence. The longer you look, the more details start to emerge. The colors become more vibrant, the lines sharper, the contrast more distinct and the subjects within their environment are simply captivating. You began to see the true beauty within the image. You began to see what the artist saw. You began to feel what the artist felt. You are blissfully creating a visual bond with the artist and the image. This is what I consider to be beautiful. This is what I consider to be art.”

Artist Bio

Ibrahim Badru was born in Washington D.C in 1984, the proud son of two hard working Nigerian immigrants. Badru’s parents dared to migrate to the US to raise a family rooted in Nigerian values, paired with the opportunity of American enterprise. He is the product of his family’s fortitude, will, and passion.

This artist’s eye was developed early in life with his gift of appreciating the beauty and significance in the seemingly mundane. Badru has always been intrigued by how our emotions tailor what we see. This fascination birthed his passion for photography. Badru discovered that this medium was the perfect vehicle to share his eye with the world and show others how to appreciate the lush details found in everyday life.

Personal tragedy spurred Badru’s interest in Photography from hobby to enterprise. A devastating car crash in 2012 injured Badru’s eyes and threatened his life. This  traumatizing event forced him to perform a self appraisal and breathed new life into his dream of seriously pursuing photography.  

While vacationing in South Beach in 2013, Badru serendipitously discovered his mission and fully realized his eye. He rose with the sun one morning and packed his gear for an expedition of Miami Streets. While walking and shooting, Badru happened upon an elder gentleman. What was truly moving about this gentleman was his condition, curious expression, and emotion: “Ironu” was a wheelchair-bound amputee with a pensive countenance. His expression was so thought provoking and beautiful that Badru was moved to capture this moment. This single image was the genesis to his Photography career and the inspiration for his first body of work “Miami Streets”; a work that he has been quoted saying “would connect our emotions with visual simplicity.” Badru has been on a journey since this day to capture images that evoke emotion and connect his audience with his subject in a visceral and moving way.