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Artist Work

Downdraft 1
archival pigment print, hand-colored with pastels
31 x 40 inches
Cloud Canyons 2
archival pigment print, hand-colored with pastels
40 x 27.75
Clearing Skies (Tower)
archival pigment print, hand-colored with pastels
40 x 18 inches
Angler Panorama 2
archival pigment print, hand-colored with pastels
24" x 40"
oil and wax on polymer-modified gypsum
45" x 39" x 6"
Twisting Veils
archival pigment print, hand-colored with pastels
40 x 26.75 inches

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

If we notice clouds at all, we’re probably just checking the weather. But I’ve been taking a closer look. Clouds are ephemeral, transforming and decaying as they move across the sky. When I stop the action with a digital camera and increase the tonal range with Adobe Photoshop, clouds reveal themselves as intricately textured three-dimensional forms arising from complex rhythms of flowing currents of air. They gesture and take on a poetic resonance. They morph into unexpected, almost otherworldly forms that would be difficult to invent -- the human brain works too schematically for that. As the saying goes, "You can't make this stuff up." Shown here are archival pigment photographic prints hand-colored with pastels or acrylic paint. I begin with a digital photograph and edit it in Photoshop. While sometimes background details are deleted or smoothed out, and colors and tones may be intensified or deepened, the actual shapes, textures and forms found in nature are not augmented with invented forms, nor are they combined with other images. The resulting images reveal nuances that the camera captures, but the naked eye fails to see, and conventional image processing does not show. After they are printed, I add the hand coloring, usually with pastel pencils, to emphasize the rhythms and movements through space. The shown here were printed at 40 inches in the longest dimensions. To see more, and for more information on my working process, visit my web site at

Artist Bio

Education: MFA, Painting, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD (1978); BFA, Art, cum laude, Yale University, New Haven, CT (1976); Skowhegan School of Art, Skowhegan, ME (1975) Selected Exhibitions: (2012-13) Delaware Art Museum Centennial Juried Exhibition, Wilmington, DE. Juror: John Ravenal. (2012) Solo Show. Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, NY. (2011-12) Digital 2011: The Alchemy of Change. New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY. Jurors: Robert Devcic and Philip Ball (through Feb.5).
(2011) Biennial Maryland Regional Juried Art Exhibition. Univ. of Maryland, University College. Jurors: Helen Frederick, Helen Jackson and Evangeline J. Montgomery. (40-page catalog); Photo 11: Annual Juried Mid-Atlantic Exhibition, Artisphere, Arlington, VA. Juror: Amanda Maddox; Genesis (Outdoor Sculpture Show). Green Spring Station, Lutherville, MD. Curator: Susan D. Isaacs; Clouds InFormation (Solo Show). Hillyer Art Space, International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC. (2010-13) U.S. Embassy, Lima, Peru. Two sculptures on display under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State, Art in Embassies Program. Curator: Sarah Tanguy. (2010) Inaugural Alumni Exhibition, Maryland Institute College of Art Health Ctr., Baltimore, MD; Sculpture in the 21st Century, Towson Univ. Art Galleries, Towson, MD; Porous Borders, Historical Society of Washington, DC. Juror: Jayme McLellan; How Did You Do That? A Sculptors Inc. Exhibition, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD. Curator: Jed Dodds.
(2008) Selections from the WPA Art File, American University Art Museum, Washington, DC; (2007) Artrageous: Works by Helen Glazer Bloomingdale's, White Flint Mall, Kensington, MD. (2006) Micro Monumental, Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC and International Sculpture Center Conference at Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH. Juror: Kristin Hileman, Hirshhorn Museum; 1st International Arts Pestival (sic) London Wetland Centre, London, England; The Family Experience, Florida State University Museum. (2002) Solo, District Fine Arts Gallery. (2001) Yale University Art Building Gallery. (2001, 1994, 1992, 1986) Artscape, Baltimore, MD (2001, 1994, 1992, 1986). (1998) Marsh Gallery, Richmond, VA. (1997) Solo, Montpelier Cultural Center; Goya Girl Press. (1992) Arts Festival of Atlanta, GA and Space One Eleven, Birmingham, AL (1992). (1989) Solo, School 33 Arts Center, Baltimore, MD. Maryland Biennial, Baltimore Museum of Art (1980, 1976). Awards, Honors, and Commissions: Print Commission, Goya Girl Press, Baltimore, MD (1997); Mural Commission, Baltimore City Dept. of Education (1993, 1996); Fellowship, Office of Museum Programs, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC (1994-5); City Arts Grant, City of Baltimore (1966, 1988-9); Works-in-Progress Grant, Maryland State Arts Council (1988) Selected Collections: Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA; Hyatt Regency Hotels, Crystal City, VA; Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY; Morse College, Yale University, New Haven, CT; John Meyerhoff, Baltimore, MD