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September Song
pigment print
pigment print

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Visual Arts

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Photography for me is the abstraction of the physical, dimensional, emotional and intellectual realms. My work is a process of personal expression that allows me to form and reform ideas and perceptions, to transmute matter and radiation, to craft a scheme of communication from the cognitive dissonance of contemporary life and allows the unconscious stream, the ethos of my Africa, an unfettered access to all that will be. Harlee Little

Artist Bio

Photographs for a student newspaper in 1968 began a life in photography and a commitment to exploring the power and impact of visual communication. Photography became a central element in Mr. Little's subsequent work and professional experience, including teaching, social documentation, magazine management and production, design of communication services for federal agency initiatives. Harlee has produced outstanding photographic images for use in art, commerce, education, industry, journalism, public and corporate relations since 1974. He has specialized in producing images that communicate and document the ideas and ideals of advocates and educators, associations and corporations, entrepreneurs and government agencies. The unique imagery of Harlee’s vision has been published and displayed worldwide. Among these venues have been: American Heritage, Black Enterprise, Black Collegian, Columbia Journalism Review, Emerge, Espana, Essence, Harper Collins Books, Jet, People, Science Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald ,The Washingtonian, Time, Washington Post, Washington Times, and ABC News 20/20. His photographs are also featured in Reflections in Black , a history of of black photographers 1840 to the present. Harlee is a founding member of Exposure: An African-American Photographers Forum, TBA visual artists collective and a member of Black Artists of DC.