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Han Jeon

Han Jeon


Artist Work

New Beginning
oil pastel/pastel/gouache
63in x 69in
Dream Cities
color pencil on sumi ink
18in x 24in
Black Dog
color pencil/ gouache
22in x 32in
oil pastel/pastel on wood panels
38in x 70in
20in x 38in
pen on paper
18in x 24in

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Being in contemporary art period, what I perceive personally from the world is influential. From my art works I want to communicate within the art world, in order to indicate how these are the stages I’m going through as an individual and as an artist. My artwork consists of personal perception, aesthetic beauty, and visual searching of representing myself. In order to illustrate such works I try to find the adequate materials that will bring a visual comfort and engages with the inner meaning by unifying visual features. Personally, by experimenting with different and new materials helps me to convey better insights into my subject matter. I mostly use ink, acrylic paint, graphite, charcoals, color pencils, watercolor, gouache, oil pastel and pastel. Since art works represent who I am both inside and outside, figuratively, how I construct my art matter and inner mind at such moment is crucial. I try not to linger or limit myself in one subject. Thus, I tend to be more open minded on my visual ideas with specific style that was developed throughout my whole process of becoming an artist.

Artist Bio

Han Jeon currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. As an artist, he incorporates his own experience in order to convey his inner minds and how he accepts the current art world. His interests derive from the interaction between the environment and with his own perspective, in which Han develops his own understanding of visual perception of cityscapes and base geometry of architecture. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art 2018, with BFA degree

Han Jeon’s interest derives mostly from his environment and how such surroundings interact with the nature and people. Also, he researches about elements of cities such as buildings, bridges, roads, etc in order to use as a reference in his works. Then, conceptualizes his work based on his own perspective of inner self, such as his complex and ceaseless thoughts reflected by the world itself. Moreover, Han tries to design his own visual perspective and surroundings of cityscapes that develops a sense of an imaginary universe.