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Gregg Wilhelm

Gregg Wilhelm


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Backbeat the Waves (Novel Excerpt)

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Baltimore City
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Literary Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

I have spent a large portion of my professional and creative career talking about writing as literary ART. In the cultural and funding communities, creative writing is often overlooked in broader conversations about "the arts" (visual, musical, theatrical, performance, cinematic) or deemed somehow less-than-worthy of support. Technology that allows access to the writer's tools and democratizes the publishing process is partly to blame, but so is our own reticence to even call ourselves "artists." WRITING is our art, and we should own it; that said, practicing it requires seriousness, discipline, and commitment to both its making and its marketing. And like all artists, we need to be prepared for the hard work. "Art hurts. Art urges voyages, and it is easier to stay at home." -- Gwendolyn Brooks

Artist Bio

Gregg Wilhelm founded the nonprofit CityLit Project in Baltimore in 2004. As an editor and independent publisher, he has shepherded more than 100 titles to publication. Gregg graduated from the MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of Tampa in 2014, and he has appeared at conferences such as the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, Sewanee, FLAC’s Other Words, and Disquiet International Literary Program. Gregg’s writing has appeared in the anthologies Clash by Night and Geo-Poe; in journals such as Gargoyle, The Broadkill Review, and Tampa Review; in media including City Paper and The Sun; and even on a towering digital billboard as part of the Baltimore LED Project.