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Greg Mort

Greg Mort


Artist Work

Autumn Aurora
20" X 34
24" X 32"
Luna Mare
32" X 24"
Oil on canvas
83 inches X 133 inches

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

“Growing up in the nineteen sixties provided a unique perspective in the way that our world as a planet was viewed. For the first time in human history human beings saw their little oasis in space spinning silently in an ever growing immensity called the Universe. This great notion had a lasting effect on artists like myself who were caught up in the excitement of the “Space Race”. So too, NASA realized the importance of recording historic events via the eyes and expression of the creative spirit. The NASA Art Program was born and poets, composers of music, sculptors and painters alike were invited to be an eye witness to the adventure. I was one of the lucky ones chosen in 1983 when Sally Ride became the first American women to travel into earth orbit on the space shuttle Challenger. Since that time themes of our journey into space have reoccurred in my paintings. An artist who has been alive and aware in this epoch must see his or her world in a different light. It is a journey that even the smartest among us can ever hope to predict accurately how the story will unfold. Will we indeed come to live far from our home planet? If nothing else our bold first steps have enlightened millions of people worldwide and rearranged the fabric of society and also created a generation of artists drawn to the music of the Cosmos.”

Artist Bio

Greg Mort, a widely recognized American contemporary artist whose unmistakably modern creations have the classic feel of the Dutch Masters juxtaposed with startlingly modern designs. Mort’s art is in many prominent collections including the Smithsonian, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Farnsworth Museum, Academy Art Museum, Portland Museum of Art, Brandywine River Museum and the White House.

Deeply fascinated with astronomy and the universe Mort’s life-long interest in science is frequently reflected in his artwork. He has been a commissioned NASA artist since 1983 and serves on the board of the Lowell Observatory. A skilled astro-photographer and telescope builder Mort is a sought after speaker on the intersection of art and science. In 2003 he established The Art of Stewardship Project, a foundation that supports and encourages environmental awareness through the arts.

During the winter Mort lives and paints in rural Montgomery County Maryland and in summer on the rugged Maine coast in the village of Port Clyde. He is represented by the Carla Massoni Gallery and Somerville Manning Gallery . For further information or contact: