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Grace Rochford

Grace Rochford


Artist Information

Washington County
Artistic Category

Other, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I enjoy using historical techniques with modern products to make durable usable art. Although, I create reproduction pieces, I enjoy creating my own original designs incorporating historical as well as historical elements. I enjoy promoting public awareness and demonstrating as wel as teaching classes about painted canvas floorcloths. My designs are stenciled as well as hand painted.

Artist Bio


I  work out of a home studio and have a love for Early American History. This love, led me to discover colonial american floorcloths. Seven years ago I determined to make one for my home. This 3' X 8' rug still adorns my well traveled entryway foyer! Although many of my designs are inspired by historical works, I also enjoy making contemporary and custom projects suitable for any style home! My entire family enjoys helping me attend arts and craft shows and sometimes my children even help with the early steps of canvas prep, such as stretching and priming!