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GM Webb

GM Webb


Artist Work

Pleasant Expression
7"x 14"x 2"
The Tiger Within
8" x 13" x 2"
Emerging Colors United
9" x 9 1/2" x2 1/2"
Future Warrior
7" x 5" x 2"
Purple Fusion
7 1/2"x 8" x 3 1/2"
Reflection From Within
8" x 9" x 2 3/4"

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Almost 20 years ago, Webb began twisting and fashioning scrap wire into athletes, animals and musicians as an artistic activity to entertain his then-young daughters. Today, Webb’s sculptures, which include a variety of wire materials such as aluminum, artistic, copper, stainless steel and magnet, are based on his original technique he calls Webbing. His artistic process involves shaping and connecting strands of wire with needle nose pliers into intricate patterns without welding or soldering. No other materials are used. As the sculpture takes shape, several wire layers are applied in a lengthy process. An average sculpture contains 300 to 600 wire strands of varying colors, gauges, and lengths. Over the years, his exhibited and commissioned work has included figures, human organs, jewelry, furniture, and masks. Currently, Webb lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Artist Bio

GM Webb was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania better known as the Steel City in 1963.

During his childhood, he had a very strong interest in electronic building kits. One day in 1973, while playing on the streets of Pittsburgh, GM found a discarded television on the sidewalk. He removed some of the copper wire from the back of the machine and decided to save it for a future project. Later that year, the future wire finally became of use in his elementary art class.
His teacher was teaching the students how to make a wire figures. GM was always inspired by his football team the Pittsburgh Steelers so it was no surprise that his first sculpture was that of a player. After mounting his creation on a piece of plywood, the sculpture served as a very heartfelt Mother’s Day gift later that year.

Twenty six years later, while living in Texas, GM Webb had to find a way to entertain his two very young daughters while they visited his home. He suddenly remembered his elementary school art class and how much fun it was. From that day forward art became a beloved family tradition in the Webb household.

During his free time, GM Webb continued to expand his creativity and eventually wire became the center of a 20 year journey. He started with the well-known technique “wire wrapping” which he had learned in his elementary school art class.
As time went on, GM realized this technique was hindering his growth so he decided to take a new approach. With lots of hard work, time management and dedication, “The Webbing” technique was born.
From then on, there were no creative limits when it came to GM’s sculptures. This method he created enabled him to bring masks and abstract sculptures to life with intricate patterns, textures and rich colors. GM Webb’s body of work, which he now refers to as “Futuristic Primitive Expressionism” has been displayed in various juried arts festivals all around the country.

In 2001, he was asked to donate a sculpture to The Great Lake Theater Festival at their annual benefit in Cleveland, Ohio. He donate “Women of the Arts” which was create for this special event. In 2003, GM was selected for the city of Lancaster Museum art gallery, 18th annual juried all media art exhibition. In 2013, his solo show ”Behind the Mask” was on display at Lenora Rolla Heritage Center Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

GM is now based in Baltimore, Maryland which allows him to get back to his east coast roots. He looks forward to continuing his career and amplifying his influence on the art industry both domestically and internationally.