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Geraldine Pontius

Geraldine Pontius

Artist Work

Imaginary City One
Imaginary Cities Two
Imaginary City Six
Imaginary City Three
Imaginary City Four
Imaginary City Five

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Geraldine Pontius is a visual artist. Art and Architecture are the subjects she captures in her images.  An early pioneer in the downtown Manhattan art scene, she collaborated with Laurie Anderson. Many of her photographs of Anderson’s Institutional Dream Series project appear widely in exhibitions, and publications. Pontius appeared in the film Dearreader: How to turn a Book in a Movie, and in United States I – IV, performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  Recognized for her work with other artists, Pontius photographed and designed Suzanne Harris’s major site-specific sculpture, Locus One: Up, constructed in NYC Battery Park City Landfill. Creative Time selected the Pontius/Hatch/McCusker project, Economy of Means, to be built and performed for the Art on the Beach series. More recently, for The Light Ekphrastic, she’s created new photographic series specifically inspired by poetry, seeking metaphor and remembrance in images taken at the site of the memorial to the Oklahoma Bombing victims. Pontius’s photographs use both abstraction and metaphor to convey meaning beyond the purely documentary. She documents and interprets local scenes and architecture. She was the project architect for One South Street Office Tower, the 4th tallest skyscraper in Baltimore.  Pontius received her art and architecture education at Columbia University, NYC. She splits her time between Washington and Baltimore. She can be reached by email at Additional photography and films can be found on her website at Http://