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geneva smith

geneva smith


Artist Work

Acrylic, Art stick, and colored pencil on canvas board
Acrylic, Art stick, colored pencil, gold leaf, and relief carving on wood.
Acrylic, Art stick, colored pencil on canvas board
Bed eyes
Acrylic, art stick, chalk, on wood.
Acrylic, Art stick, colored pencil on canvas board
Acrylic, Art stick, colored pencil, mens button up shirt, on board.

Artist Information

Washington County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

There is something magnificent in love, in loss, in family, in death, and in life. I create because I want to share the way I view the wonder in the world around us. The female form is my favored subject matter, and have found it beautiful in any state. I will most often paint nude figures in bold color, bringing life to my canvas using art sticks and acrylic paints. With movement, vibrant colors, and combining multiple mediums in one piece I strive to glorify the body often making images that are larger than life. I see inspiration all around me from every taste, texture, sight, and experience… the beauty of the world. My experience has shown the most beautiful art can be found in the hardest of times.

Artist Bio

Geneva Marie Smith born in Washington county hospital November 7, 1987 to parents Ken and Linda Smith. She was brought home to a 30 acre farm where the house was considered condemned by the state. Her parents were able to transform the home to livable conditions. Her father a young entrepreneur owned 32 houses.  she grew up in fixer-upper homes from the ghettos of baltimore to the marshlands of the chesapeake bay. This upbringing  shaped how she viewed the world and people around her, and  has had a direct influence on her artwork. One of the homes had no indoor bathroom , and was two hours away from the nearest store. This seclusion allowed for her mind to blossom as she observed the world around her. 

Currently Geneva resides in Hagerstown Maryland at the “NoPo Studio/ Lofts” . She is an artist, student, mother, and part time entertainer. While completing high school at “Southwestern senior high school” she simultaneously  completed four years of trade school for “Travel tourism, & hospitality” at National Academy Foundation. Finishing trade school salutatorian was awarded pinning accommodation, a scholarship, and a paid internship. Currently completing her  BFA concentrating in drawing and painting at Shepherd University, and is expected to graduate summer of 2014.