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Artist Work

encircled, but free
Copper metal
4' x 4'
save the world complex
Wood and Copper Metal
1' x 1'
vision of a less vulnerable world
Copper metal
4' x 5'
extinction - failure to thrive
Copper metal
3' x 3'
envision earth embraced, sustained & thriving
Copper metal
3' x 3'

Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

GChris Sculpture GChris sculpture, including mobiles and stabiles, build upon the art of Alexander Calder. They are abstract art sculptures with messages of quantum positive change - inevitability, positive nature and great potential of change. Building upon Calder’s rich body of work, GChris mobile and stabile sculptures re-direct this art form through natural materials and positive, change-oriented themes. These mobiles and stabiles are created from basic elements. Lines represent beginning, negative, or threat. Curves represent change, transition, or evolution. Circles represent being or wholeness, but also, at times, nothingness. When these basic elements join and are in motion as powerful mobiles and stabiles, the message is “quantum positive change,” a strong optimistic expression of the human condition and human potential. Mobiles and stabiles are created by Gary (Chris) Christopherson under the signature GChris. He grew up near the rural Wisconsin village of Nelson and lives both in Nelson and in University Park, MD -- near Washington, DC. Existing GChris mobiles and stabiles number over 150 pieces with dimensions ranging from a few inches to 12 feet. Works of all sizes, even larger works, can be done on commission. GChris mobiles and stabiles primarily utilize natural materials -- copper and wood. Woods are primarily American hardwoods -- mostly black walnut. Copper is used in many forms and takes each work through a living process. People who are interested in existing or commission work should contact via email or website --

Artist Bio

Thrive! ® abstract sculpture by GChris is mission-driven. Thrive! sculpture supports our creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change and building and achieving a thriving and surviving future for all forever. #ThrivingFuture Thrive! Website - Thrive! Blog Thrive! Thought & Sculpture Blog Thrive! sculpture is to be interacted with and gently touched. Some are copper, wood or both. Sizes range from a foot to dozen feet. Some make sounds when moved by wind or people; some remain silent. Some move physically; some move conceptually. All generate shadows, a second image. GChris is Gary "Chris" Christopherson. GChris Studio/Gallery, formerly in Washington, DC area, is now in Nelson, WI in 1885 farmhouse and barn on 30 acre Mississippi River bluffside.