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Freedom Tafari

Freedom Tafari


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Baltimore City
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Media Arts, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Baltimore MDs inner city, the artist simply know as Freedom (Fr33dom) decided to throw is all to the wind and begin his art career in the early 2000's. 
 Leaving an art school based in Historic Mt. Vernon area of Bmore and Living in Edmondson Village, Freedom was exposed to both sides of city youth living. Also attending South Western High he was between 2 schools and never quite felt a true balance.
 A love for documentation developed at a young age, when he got his first writing tool. Drawing his parents, neighbors, writing his daily event. Little did he know, he was journaling. It seems he only lives life as chapters- from school, to work, even to his relationships with women. it was all just...chapters.

   The street is where this young artist decided to start. Leaving out even on the coldest days on January to sell his art behind the BGE (Baltimore Gas Electric) building, just a few blocks from the city famous Lexington Market, Freedom encountered many people who loved his work. This gave him reassurance to the artist, that what he was doing was well worth it.  The faces of the people who saw his work and smiled, laughed, cried, or simply turned up their noses, these people made me who he is to some degree. All was there to see. Landscapes, abstract, portraits, photography. It was like a one man art show on the corner every time he stepped out, The art peddler was often asked to move and or given a citation, but some local business owners didn't mind the long haired painted drawing attention to their shops. 
   The technique Freedom picked up was simply "tell a story" whether it be his sketches on napkins at a local bar, or be it his surean lush landscapes ala Bob Ross (one of his heroes) The hands of Freedom are never the same from day to day. Adding in his love for photography, everything seems to be an object to be objectified.