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Francis E Anderson

Francis E Anderson

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Prince George's County
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Literary Arts, Music, Other, Performing Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Thank you for supporting my music and photography work, and please feel free to contact me about either/or, I wish you all the best Thanks for stopping by!

Artist Bio

I, F.C. “Steel” Anderson, born and raised in Prince George's County, MD,  have been in the entertainment industry my whole life, from singing in gospel groups as a kid, to performing at Carnival shows in Caribbean countries like Trinidad and Grenada. Also, a voting member of the Grammys,  and I’ve won a few indie film festival awards, and am currently the music supervisor at MJD productions, the CEO, catalog owner, and an entertainer at Ellorenz Records, author, photographer, fashion accessories line, playwright, and DJ, with multiple cameos in various indie films and a few cable song placements as well. Thanks!

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