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Francesca Zora

Francesca Zora


Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Photography is a magician’s art, hovering between the disciplines of physics and chemistry, as well as alchemy and metaphysics. Our world is full of unseen beauty. As a photographer, some may find it ironic that I believe in attempting to capture what’s beyond the eye’s reach. In my work, I concentrate on life between the obvious and unnoticed. I Prefer to print on glass in order to use the medium as a metaphor, compelling the viewer to look through what is before them. Many of my pieces are layered, simulating the depth of the spirit within the subject in real life. Because my focus goes beyond the physical, I am not limited in subject matter and include portraits, still-lifes, and landscapes in my work. Everything has energy within. I strive to capture and present this energy as light, pigments, and sculptures.

Artist Bio

Francesca Zora was born and raised in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  She obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts from University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  Since 2016, Francesca has been exploring the practice of glass printing and developing some of her own techniques.  She has spent months experimenting with various photographic and non-photographic methods of image transfers in and out of the darkroom.  She has personally developed successful glass printing methods using liquid emulsion, Ware cyanotype, and chemical transfers.