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faith wilson

faith wilson


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Kent County
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Other, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Faith Wilson Art Floorcloths Large Runners Small Galleries Commissions Installations Past Work Mixed Media About Artist Statement Links Current Shows Selected Shows & Exhibitions Contact I want to skew the viewers perception of art by making them become a part of art, and using art in their every day lives. I would like my viewer to connect visually and physically to the moment and make it their own. The idea and the meaning (and of course, the permission) of standing on a work of art is cunning. Moreover, to stand on something is to allow it to become your stated position; your perimeters; your jurisdiction: your sacred world and pilgrimage.

Artist Bio

Faith Wilson has been an artist/craftsperson in Maryland for more than thirty years.  Starting out as a weaver, showing at the Baltimore Craft Council Show for the first time in 1985, she then transitioned into mixed media.  For the last 15 years, she has specialized on making floorcloths, showing at many galleries and shows, including American Craft Council Shows, the Smithsonian Craft Show, The Washington Craft Show, The American Craft Exposition, the Philadelphia Museum Show, and ArtScape, to name a few.  An award winning artist in mixed-media as well, Faith is self-taught.