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Fabiola Irizarry

Fabiola Irizarry


Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the universal readability of commercial illustration but also by the thought-provoking, conceptual fine art, and like to think I am somewhere in between these two worlds. My art deals with stripping the modern fairytale of its innocence, taking it to its roots, and remolding it into our day to day reality. I aim for my artwork to be both beautiful and horrifying. ​ Frequently, I oil paint and try out different traditional mediums. I later utilize what I learn from these experiences to feed my digital mark-making. There is something very visually pleasing about digital art that I cannot get away from.

Artist Bio

Fabiola Irizarry, or Dew, as she goes by online, was born in San German, Puerto Rico. The youngest of two during her childhood, she was raised in a hay farm in Lajas, Puerto Rico, and went to Catholic school for most of her school years. She now resides in Hyattsville, Maryland and is a student a UMD-College Park.