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Artist Work

And lo he came from the depths of the sea for a cracker!
Pen and ink
6in x 8in

Artist Information

Charles County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

In producing my work I undertake a ruthless examination. Who am I at this moment? What do I perceive? What is the inherent nature of this time, this place, this person? We can capture just about anything in a variety of media. My job as an artist is to suggest the essence of that present at that time. In order to achieve this, I endeavor to fully understand the nature of the moment. This is the hard part. Whatever skills I have acquired, while important, are useless without tapping into this source. The actual execution of the art work may be startlingly spontaneous, once I have grasped the essence of the subject, or an extended groping for an essence captured as pastiche of times over time. My work, in the end, is a recording of choices made in the moment – what medium to use, what line to lay down, what area to remove, what color to use, what tone to invoke.

Artist Bio

Eric has two master’s degrees, in international policy and religious studies, as well as two bachelor’s degrees, in history and fine arts. He is a trained visual artist in a wide variety of techniques, from sculpture to painting to printmaking and beyond, and has been showing his work publicly off and on for 15 years. Eric teaches basic drawing and composition as an adjunct faculty member at the College of Southern Maryland.